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Update: Remainder of the Fall Season Schedule

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Here’s an update from our Executive Board regarding the remainder of the season:

This week was the end of league play for our season and the standings will be used to determine placement for the end of the season tournament. Because Field A has been heavily used since the field opening, is already in terrible shape, and taking into consideration your safety, we have changed our permit for the remainder of the season and we will play on Fields B and C. 

The games for October 1st are friendlies, were picked at random (literally the team names were written on pieces of paper and two at a time drawn out of President Rachel’s hat), and give us the opportunity to play the 8th game we lost this season when we lost a team.

The games are as follows:

10/1 – Friendlies: 
Field B at 9:00AM-Vultures vs. Ice
Field B at 10:45AM-Sharks vs. Dynamite

Field C at 9:00AM-Lightning vs. Crush
Field C at 10:45AM-Napoli vs. Atlas

For the dates of 10/8, 10/15, and 10/22 we will be having a tournament that spans over these three dates. This will allow us to play FULL games over 3 weeks instead of playing 3 shortened games in one day. Placings on the bracket will be determined based on season rankings. Kory Fontes will distribute the schedule after all the results from Sunday and other missing season games have been submitted.

It is important that you submit all scores to slowspublicity@gmail.com as soon as possible. 

Thank you! 

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