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Let’s grow SLOWS!

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Hi SLOWS – We need your help! 

Do you happen to work or go to school with any other soccer-minded ladies?
Perhaps there’s a bulletin board that gets a lot of eyes on it during the day that you’d think would be perfect to get the word out about SLOWS?
Know some moms who are on the fence about re-kindling their long-lost love for the sport? 

Well let’s recruit them! 
Let’s grow our league back to 10 teams (and then some!). 

Click here to download this awesome, full color printable flyer that you can hang up in any spot you think will get the right attention! Share on social media, email to your besties, or hang up at the gym – let’s get the word out about how much fun soccer can be for women of all ages. 
Thank you! 

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