Summer Foot Golf at Laguna Lake Golf Course!

Hey SLOWS! Laguna Lake Golf Course has summer foot golf! Their first Foot Golf weekend is this Sunday – conveniently right after our SLOWS Sunday Pickup Games at Laguna Middle School!

Here’s information from the City of SLO:

The Laguna Lake Golf Course is pleased to announce the addition of FootGolf at the course. This summer, the course will feature two afternoon dates per month for members of the community to experience one of today’s fastest growing sports.

The first date is coming up this Sunday June 9 from 1-6 PM. This is a wonderful opportunity to mix a great sport with one of the best maintained golf courses in the county.


Sorry SLOWS – the rain we so desperately need is also a detriment to our schedule this season. Please realize that we’re at the mercy of the weather and the regulations set forth by the City of San Luis Obispo – hey at least we got games in last weekend, right?

These next few days look like they’re going to be a doozy! Next weekend looks OK so far – we’ll keep you posted!


BOY IS THIS RAIN GREAT…. well not for our regularly scheduled games 🙁 (but it sure is gorgeous and green in SLO County right now!)

The City of SLO has closed the fields due to the current conditions and expected rain this weekend.

Here is the updated schedule that includes the rescheduled rain-out games!

Next weekend’s matchups will be:

9 AM – Field A – Lightning v. Impact
9 AM – Daryl Damon – Crush v. Napoli
10:45 AM – Field A – Vultures v. Ice
10:45 AM – Daryl Damon – Dynamite v. Atlas

SEE YOU THEN (<—- being optimistic!)


Hi SLOWS! Due to impending rain tonight and then again on Sunday, the City of San Luis Obispo has cancelled play at Damon Garcia.

Games scheduled for February 17th are:

Field A:
9:00 AM: Napoli v. Dynamite
10:45 AM: Atlas v. Vultures

Daryl Damon:
9:00 AM: Impact v. Crush
10:45 AM: Ice v. Lightning

See you then!

Reminder – No Games February 3rd

Hi SLOWS! Just a quick reminder that there are no scheduled games this weekend. NOT THAT WE’D BE PLAYING, ANYWAYS… but man aren’t the green hills beautiful right now?

Barring any upcoming rain, we’ll see you next weekend!

Games on February 10th are:
9:00 AM: Dynamite vs Vultures and Lightning Vs Atlas
10:45 AM Crush vs Ice and Napoli vs Impact

See you then!